How to use personalisation in threads

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It's funny how you can hear your name amidst a noisy crowd and react to it - that's why you should use contact profile fields to engage users in a more personal manner.

Once you understand the basics of Threads and are comfortable to create your first Thread, you can start adding skip logic where needed or personalise the conversation.

Let's show you how personalisation works:

When you add content to a thread message, text question or multiple choice question you are able to use contact profile fields as placeholders to personalise your message. Take a look at the example below:

The {{}} and {{contact.occupation}} placeholders will be replaced with the Name and Occupation stored against the user's profile when that specific card is sent.

The complete Thread conversation looks like this for the user in WhatsApp - take note of the last message as it shows how the card above will display to the user.

You can clearly see that the user is asked to share their name, surname and occupation details and then the fields are stored and used to personalise the rest of the Thread conversation. This way Arya knows that you're not just collecting her data for the sake of it but rather to tailor her experience.

Important personalisation tips

  1. You can only refer to contact fields that are already created. This can be one of the default Turn Profile fields, or you can add a custom profile field.
  2. A personalisation placeholder is inserted by using double curly brackets with the contact.field_name typed out between the brackets. The field name is whatever you decide to name your field when you created it.
  1. The field name needs to be typed in lower case and if there is a space in the name you need to replace it with an underscore in the placeholder. If your field is name Employment Status you will refer to it in the placeholder as contact.employment_status.
  1. If you refer to a contact field that do not have data stored against it the placeholder will be empty in the message body when sent to the user. For example:

You want to thank the user using their name you've just collected, and inform them where they can obtain employment information for their specific occupation. The message content you set up in the Thread will look like this.

However, if no Occupation is stored against Arya's profile the placeholder will be empty when the message is sent.

Great! You can now try out personalisationūüĎĆ.

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