21 Dec 2020: A last big release to celebrate the year

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

2020 has been extraordinary (...or should we say out-of-ordinary)! Herewith our last big release to end the year with a bunch of exciting, new features.

  1. BUTTONS: You can now create and send interactive templates with buttons🥳. In fact, creating templates will look different whether you decide to use buttons or not, so please have a read through. Another cool thing is that you can now also copy a template which makes it easy to tweak rejected templates and submit it again.
  2. STICKERS: You can upload stickers and send them using automation.
  3. REMINDER: You can set a follow-up timer (limited to 23 hours) to send users a reminder. Read the article to understand all the intricacies around this feature. We explain it using two use case examples.
  4. REPLY BOX: We re-designed the reply box. The best part is that the new reply box expands as you type! And we changed some of the icons and their locations:
    1. The magnifying glass🔍 icon (top right on the old reply box) is replaced with a lightning bolt⚡️ icon (bottom left on the new reply box).
    2. The "Templates" tab (next to the "Write Reply" tab on the old reply box) is replaced with a timer⏱ icon (next to the lighting bolt on the new reply box).
    1. We fixed the issue where some deleted templates made a re-appearance.
    2. We updated "Canada" to display as "US/Canada" on the Most Active Countries chart in Insights.
    3. We corrected right-to-left languages that displayed from left-to-right in the Automation section.

That is a wrap for the year! Have a lovely festive season.

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