How to create a sandbox in a new organisation

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How do I create a sandbox in a new organisation?

If you already have a account and you're logged in, but you want to create a new sandbox in a separate organisation, this is how you do it.

Step 1: Click on your Profile icon, click "Switch Organisations" in the dropdown and select "New organisation".

Step 2: Complete the details for your new organisation.

Step 3: When asked if your organisations is ready to start using the WhatsApp Business Platform select: "I don't know yet, I'm still exploring". This will create a new Sandbox (shared number) in your new organisation.

You can always apply for your own number and complete WhatsApp Business Platform account set up later.

Step 4: Scan the QR code to access your sandbox on WhatsApp

Scan the QR code with your phone to connect to your new Sandbox number on WhatsApp. You will be required to join your sandbox by sending the word "join" and your and your sandbox code which is provided in the instruction text. Your code will always include a word, and underscore and a number. For example. "join pippatest_4534".

Click Go to chat to open the interface for your new Sandbox number.

Step 5: Start prototyping in your Turn sandbox account

You'll land on your inbox in Turn, where you should find the message you sent into your new sandbox number. You can use your sandbox to test the Turn features.

However, please note you cannot use WhatsApp Message Templates in a sandbox account as it is a shared number and not connected to a Meta Business Manager Account.

What does not work in sandbox accounts :

  1. Phrase matching. e.g. Trigger to fire when a custom_field is set to "Yes" this will always evaluate to true.
  2. Time-based custom triggers will not work, because they expect templates
  3. Searches based in Custom Profile Fields. We have a storage limitation for sandbox accounts, queries with custom fields can be affected.

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