Triggers explained: Message received is from a specific COUNTRY...

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We explain how it will work when you set up an automation to trigger when a message received is from a phone number in a particular country or region.

Once you've selected the "Message Received" trigger, you'll be prompted to specify the criteria that your trigger will respond to. If you choose the COUNTRY trigger, it considers the international calling code of the user's mobile number. It allows you to send different content to users from specific countries.

For example:

  • When the user's mobile number starts with +27, it means that he/she is located in South Africa, whereas +91 indicates he/she is located in India. You can then send information specific to the country or region.

Note that you need to explicitly add all the country codes you're interested in. When you click through to the next step, you’ll have to specify the phone number prefix, making sure that you also add the '+'.

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