13 Feb 2024: More filtering options in triggers

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

More filtering options in Triggers so that you can send more personalised messaging!

People love the right message at the right time. With more filtering options in triggers you can target exactly who you need to. When setting up a trigger notice the wealth of options now available to you!

For text fields, choose between
  • Is exactly (default)
  • Isn't exactly
  • Is any of
  • Starts with
  • Starts with any of
  • Ends with
  • Ends with any of
  • Contains
  • Contains any of
  • Doesn't contain
  • Is empty
  • Isn't empty
For boolean (true/false) and date fields, choose between
  • Is
  • Isn't
  • Is empty
  • Isn't empty

That's it!

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