Is it possible to set-up WhatsApp on my phone using my chatbot service number?

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WhatsApp has three main products: The WhatsApp Personal app, the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business Platform. A number can only be associated and registered on ONE of these at a time. They cannot be used interchangeably.

So what does it mean for me and my users if my number is registered on the WhatsApp Business Platform?

Whether your organisational number is on the Business app or the Business platform, users interact with your organisation's number using their standard, personal WhatsApp app. To the user it does not matter what type of business number you choose.

But for your team it will be different.

If your number is registered on the Business App you will interact with users on your phone and be limited to a fixed number of devices. The Business App is designed for small businesses, like a local flower shop or physiotherapy practice.

If your number is registered via Turn on the WhatsApp Business Platform, team members will log in to Turn using a web browser like Chrome, and interact with users from the Turn helpdesk. The Turn helpdesk is responsive for mobile, so it is perfectly possible to have conversations from your phone! The WhatsApp Business Platform is designed for teams with powerful automatic messaging features to drive conversations at scale.

Create a shortcut to on your phone

Identical to a standard browser bookmark, the icon has only one job — when tapped it opens your browser and takes you directly to

Here’s how to add a website to your Android or iPhone home screen:

  1. Login to your Turn account ( from the Google Chrome browser.
  2. You will see Your Inbox where you can interact with users as needed.
  3. To make it simple to find, click on the share icon at the top of the browser or on the three vertical dots, then click "Add to Home Screen".
  4. Your bookmark will now be on your phone's home screen. It will look like an app icon!

You will have access to all Turn features on mobile, including the opportunity to give us feedback😊. However, building chat journeys will be a much more satisfying experience on the desktop version.

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