14 Jul 2023: Get your stack results in BigQuery

Santiago Cardona Updated by Santiago Cardona

Stack data are now also streamed to BigQuery.

Your stack results (obtained by using the Write Results settings and/or function) will now also stream to your BigQuery account. Two new tables are available.

What should you do to get the data?

Nothing. If you already have a BigQuery integration set up, the new tables will automatically be created in your existing BigQuery project. The data will streamed on the hourly intervals. Take note that for both the flow results and flow results packages tables there will not be a history data sync, but all new data will be streamed.

Flow Results
This table contains the “responses” recorded during interactions with end-users through Stacks.
Flow Results Data Packages
This table contains the set of "questions" these responses belong to.
If you don't have an integration set up but you are feeling very excited to hear this; have a look at how you set up a data connection between Turn and BigQuery.

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