28 May 2024: More informative chat previews

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

A more detailed chat list preview helping you read at a glance.

For a long time we focused the chat list in Turn.io on the last message received from the user so that when you scroll through the list, you are aware of the last request from someone. We are here to help people. However, based on your feedback we now include all outbound messages in the preview. Whether the last interaction was from you or from the user, it will show in the preview. Making it simpler to follow the chronological conversation.

Updates to the chat list preview

  • The message shown in the preview will be the last interaction on the chat. This aligns with how WhatsApp shows messages in their app.
  • Use icons to indicate media files like photo, video, audio etc.
  • Show reactions if that is the last interaction.
  • Show the "read" indicator if available. The user controls if this is available to show or not.
If a chat has no messages after May 10th 2024, the preview will still show inbound messages only. Any chat with more recent messages will have the updated preview.

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