24 May 2024: Allow Reminders to start a journey

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You want to drive positive action! You can now start a journey from Reminders to keep the interaction going.

When doing outbound messaging there are a couple of rules from Meta, the most prominent one being that you can only start an outbound conversation with a template message. In Turn, Reminders are great to reach out to a group of people. We improved Reminders to allow you to kick off a journey when a quick reply button is clicked.

Let's look at an example.

Define the button action in Reminders

Let's say you are sending a reminder for a appointment bookings. Ideally you use the opportunity for users to confirm attendance or to reschedule with the simple click of a button.

However, rescheduling will require a bit of back and forth messaging, which you can easily achieve with a simple journey. When you schedule the Reminder you can now define which journey should start on the button press.

In the example above, the appointment template is selected as the Reminder message. As always, you will be prompted to complete the template placeholders. This section now additionally make it possible for you to define if a journey should start on a button press. If you don't select a journey, like we do with the "Confirm attendance" button in the video, no journey will start.

Show the template details in the Reminder side panel

We love small improvements. You will note that the template and parameters that was set up for the Reminder now show in the Reminder progress panel.

Define the button action in the Inbox

Similar to sending templates via Reminders, you can also sent a template from the Inbox when you are interacting with a single user. You are already prompted to provide the placeholders and now, similar to Reminders, you will additionally be able to specify a journey to start when a button is selected.

For our legacy customers: This used to be possible in Automations using the button-pressed trigger. Since Automations will be phased out we are making it possible in Journeys, Reminders and the Inbox in an improved manner.

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