24 Jan 2024: Pin your favourite profile fields

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A calm and collapsible profile field section. Plus pin your favourites to the top!

Neat and tidy things make us think better! We cleaned up the profile field section so that operators can have more impact, as they’ll be able to make their sidebar more functional for their needs.

A calm and collapsible design

We cleaned up some naming and ensure consistency in font sizes and colour, but more importantly we are hiding tooltips until you need them and you can collapse the whole profile side bar to create more focus on the conversation section.

Additionally we added the phone number back (on your request!). Remember Admins can manage privacy settings on the Settings > People page.

A lot more calm to spark a lot more joy!

Pin your favourites contact fields

You can now pin important contact fields to the top. Hover on a field and click the little star⭐️ icon, that will pin the contact field to the top of the list under a Favourties section. Favourites will be specific to you, meaning all team members can have their own favourite selection. To remove a field from Favourites, click on the star icon again.

A better editing experience

To date, the editing experience happened inline on the sidebar. It provided very little space and was a pretty average experience. So we moved it to a modal.

Once you click the edit icon, you can view and edit fields in the modal as needed. Remember to save your changes at the bottom.

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