22 Feb 2021: Button automation

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

Buttons make it easier for users to quickly reply. Button automation makes it easier for you to act on button responses.

You created a template with quick reply buttons, got it approved and now want to set up automatic actions on a button press - this is possible!

Read the full explanation of the BUTTON PRESSED trigger to understand it in more detail. If you are familiar with automation, here are the summary steps:

  1. Add an automation.
  2. Select "Message received" as the trigger.
  3. Select "Button pressed". (You will notice we updated the design slightly, we hope you like it💛.)
  4. Select the template you are interested in (You will notice we show language in brackets next to the template name, this will help when you have multi-lingual templates with the same name.) and then select the specific button.
  5. Click next to continue adding the desired action and saving the automation.

Enjoy! 🚀

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