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We explain how it will work when you set up an automation to trigger when a message received EXACTLY matches a letter, number, emoji or phrase.

The EXACT match trigger is the best type to use with numbers and emojis.

Once you've selected the "Message Received" trigger, you'll be prompted to specify the criteria that your trigger will respond to. The EXACT match trigger will usually correlate with your menu items, i.e. a number, emoji or keyword that links to a specific menu item. When you click through to the next step, you’ll have to specify the exact bit of text or emoji that will start the automation.

A few tips when using emojis as triggers:

  • If a default emoji such as "👍" is specified and no other words are included, the automation on matching emojis with other skin tones, such as 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿, will also be triggered.
  • If the default emoji is part of a phrase like “Awesome 👍”, it will only match that exact phrase and emoji skin tone. Other skin tones will not start the automation.
Important: 'Starts with' and 'Exact match' triggers are case and formatting insensitive!
This means that you can use CAPITAL letters or formatting (such as bold and/or italics) to draw attention to keywords in your chat service. If you defined the trigger as "learn", the automation will be activated when a user types, for example, LEARN, Learn, learn, LEARN or Learn.

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