4 Apr 2024: Reactions

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

Reactions have become core to how people communicate digitally. They might be tiny, but they add rich context to conversations.

The WhatsApp Cloud API allows businesses to send and receive reactions, this was not possible ealier. Reactions bring a whole new layer of connection to your conversations, making your business chats as lively and human as a coffee chat with friends.

In the conversation view, you will see when someone reacted to a message. Similar to the WhatsApp personal app, you will always see the latest reaction they decided to use.

As for the pain Reactions caused by interfering with how things get triggered in automations - that is resolved!

The excitement doesn't stop here. Soon, you'll be able to send reactions too! 🎉 Keep an eye on our product updates.

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