How to add buttons to a template

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Buttons allow users to respond without having to type. This makes it faster to reply and eliminate typos.

WhatsApp allows you to add buttons to templates. There are two types of buttons available:

  1. Call to Action: You can select between visiting a website or calling a phone number.
  2. Quick Reply: You can add up to three quick reply buttons.
Call to Action: Visit a Website

Give your users a fast and easy way to go to a specific website. When clicking the button the browser on the user's phone will open and direct them to the URL. You can choose between using a static or a dynamic URL type.

A static URL will take all users to the same website, e.g. to our Learn page on the website.

A dynamic URL can be tailored to the engagement. You can add one placeholder at the end of the URL. A dynamic URL will enable you to direct users to specific sections on a website, e.g. to a specific article on Learn that answers the specific query.

Call to Action: Call a Phone Number

Give your users a fast and easy way to call you. When clicking the button the dail pad on the user's phone will open and they can call you directly.

Quick Reply

You can add up to 3 buttons with short replies that the user can select as a response. This makes it faster for the user to reply and eliminate any spelling errors or typos. (Yay!ūü•≥)

Buttons are a great way to make templates interactive and prompt the user to respond.

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