12 Jun 2024: More than one trigger option

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You can now define more than one trigger to start a chat journey.

We made it possible to define more than one trigger to start a journey. If you add more than one trigger, we will evaluate which one (if any) is matched and execute the journey. Multiple triggers operate on an OR basis, meaning only one trigger will be matched and executed at a time.

For example, this journey will trigger if a user tries to navigate the chat service with a keyword that is not linked to any journey (know as the catch all) OR if the user is interacting with the number for the very first time.

More advanced use cases with multiple triggers

The ability to add more than one trigger option makes it easier to set up journeys. Let's look at a more advanced example to set up a campaign.

You have a week-long campaign with three messages sent on different days to a specific set of users. Ideally you don't want to set up three journeys. By using multiple time-based triggers in combination with a branch block, you can now manage your logic in one journey.

In the example you define the three time-based triggers for your campaign, in combination with a profile field that takes care of which content piece gets sent and a branch block to make sure conditional logic is applied, your user will match each trigger in a sequence and therefore get all three templates at the specified time. Take a look at details of this example by downloading and the Campaign playbook.

Take a look at our simple Campaign playbook for the full example. You can download and adjust it as need.

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