What are the options to get data from Turn.io?

Turn offers a variety of methods to extract or export your data. Whether you need real-time data or batch exports, we provide different ways to get your desired data.

This article highlights all the possible ways to fetch your data:

  1. Google's BigQuery integration
    You can utilise the power of Google's BigQuery to efficiently analyse and handle your chat service data. The BigQuery integration automatically transfers data into BigQuery tables at 30-minute intervals. To make use of this functionality, you'll require a BigQuery instance capable of receiving data. It's important to note that this data resides in third-party storage, and ownership lies with the administrator of the BigQuery account.
  2. Save and export specific responses from Stacks
    Stacks data are not saved by default but you specify important interactions with user that you want to save. All saved responses can then be exported as a CSV file.
  3. Webhooks for real-time data
    With the help of webhooks, you can be notified about both inbound and outbound messages in real-time. This approach is particularly valuable in cases where stack automation is in operation. For example, if you only intend to export specific data related to a conversation flow and wish to avoid revealing any extraneous details to a URL endpoint, webhooks provide the solution.
  4. Export Messages and Contact Details by Date Range
    Using the Data Export API, you can extract messages and contact details within a specified date range. The API documentation shows how to
    • Create a cursor for messages by setting up your search with the necessary parameters
    • Retrieve the messages using the created cursor.
    There are also useful optional parameters that can order your result set, display a given number of results per request, and apply data hashing to conceal specific information in response body.
  5. Retrieve labelled messages
    Using our API extensions, you can fetch messages by the labels which you have used to categorise your conversations.
  6. Export conversations with specific WhatsApp ID
    If you need messages from a specific contact, Turn.io provides an API to return the 50 most recent messages sent and received for that given WhatsApp ID, sorted by when they were sent in descending order.
  7. Export Threads data
    Threads provide context to conversations. If you need to analyse conversation trends or gather information of your users based on your automation in the threads workflow, exporting thread data might be of interest.
Note: Threads will soon be deprecated, we recommend using Stacks going forward.

By understanding and leveraging these methods, you can efficiently export and utilise your data for analytics, backups, and other operational needs. Have fun!

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