10 Apr 2024: Duplicate or delete journeys in bulk

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

You can now duplicate or delete journeys in bulk.

Whilst crafting your chat experience, it is helpful to be able to duplicate a journey. Similarly, you might be playing around with ideas but decide it is not the best way forward, wanting to delete multiple journeys at once. You can now do that!

Duplicate one or more journeys

Select the journeys (one or more!) you want to duplicate on your number. Click the Duplicate button to automatically create copies of the selected journeys. The duplicated journeys will be named "Copy of ...".

Delete journeys in bulk

You can already delete a single journey, but to save you time you can now select multiple journeys and delete them all at once.

Remember, deleting journeys is an irreversible step.

Whilst we were at it, we added a few actions to the dotted menu list. You can copy the link of a journey without having to open the journey! 😎

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