How to set up a RapidPro integration

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Integrations are a great way to connect external tools with Turn. One of the default integration that Turn provides is with RapidPro

RapidPro vs Textit
RapidPro and Textit is the same product. Textit is hosted for you and you pay for that hosting whereas RapidPro is the open source version that you need to host yourself.

Let’s go through the set up steps.

It's a bit of a back and forth between the two products - like any good friendship it needs to be a mutual effort 😉

Go to RapidPro and follow these steps:

  1. Create an account in RapidPro.
  2. In the top right corner click on your organisation’s display name to go to the settings page.
  1. Scroll down to find you API token > Copy that token and save it. You are going to use it in Turn shortly.
IMPORTANT: Make sure your billing section inside RapidPro is set up.

Now, go to Turn and do this:

  1. Log in to your Turn account > Go to the Settings page > Go to the Integrations section.
  2. Click the Add an Integration dropdown and select RapidPro.
  3. Complete the form that pops up:
    1. Give your integration a name, e.g. RapidPro integration.
    2. Add this URL:
    3. Add the API token that you have copied from RapidPro.
    4. Click Create Integration. This establishes the connection from RapidPro to Turn.

Well done, you are moving along these steps swiftly! 🙌

Next up, get your credentials from Turn

  1. On the Settings page go to the API & Webhooks section.
  2. Click Generate Credentials. Keep this pop-up window open as you will need to copy and paste these details into RapidPro. It is also a great idea to note down all your credentials.
    IMPORTANT: Every time you click Generate Credentials the system will generates new credentials for your account and the old credentials expires. So make sure you have saved this credentials somewhere you can retrieve it again.

Go back to RapidPro and enter your credentials

  1. In the top right corner click on your organisation’s display name to go to the settings page.
  2. Click Add Channel.
  1. Now we are going to do a bit of trickery to set up a custom WhatsApp channel. Replace the current URL in your browser with this URL . It will open up a form which you will complete using the credentials you just got from Turn.
  1. Complete the form using the credentials you got from Turn.
    1. Number: Enter your WhatsApp line phone number.
    2. Country: Select your country.
    3. Base url: Enter
    4. Username: Enter the Username as provided in the credentials from Turn.
    5. Password: Enter the Password as provided in the credentials from Turn.
    6. Templates Domain: Enter
    7. Facebook business id: Enter the Business ID as provided in the credentials from Turn.
    8. Facebook access token: Enter the Access Token as provided in the credentials from Turn.
    9. Facebook namespace: Enter the Template Namespace as provided in the credentials from Turn.
  2. Click Submit.

Your integration is now completed. Now Turn and RapidPro are friends 👭

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