6 Feb 2024: Update profile fields block

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

Update profile fields whenever you need to!

Sometimes you need to dynamically update a contact profile field, even when the user is not messaging you. That is now possible with the new UPDATE PROFILE FIELD block in Journeys.

The UPDATE PROFILE FILED block makes it possible to do things like:

  • Fetching data from an external service through an API and saving it to a user profile.
  • Controlling how a user flows through different a journey, e.g. the user’s grade, level, etc.
  • Keeping track of someone’s health, e.g. the result of an anxiety risk questionnaire.
  • Saving the results of a user response that don’t directly translate to a variable format.

You can still update a contact profile with the result of a user’s reply to a button, question or list message via the Settings panel, however the new block expands the functionality and makes it explicit on the canvas.

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