The ABC of threads

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What is a thread?

A thread is a simple, high-performing sequence of questions.

Simple: Linear sequences under 10 messages work best.
High-performing: Designed to perform fast even with thousands of concurrent users.

What can I use a Thread for?

Threads were designed to be used for registration forms, short surveys or capturing opt in or opt out.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can add to a thread but it is best used for experiences that can be completed by your users within a couple of minutes.

How are Threads different to automation?



Started with a trigger

Started by an automation trigger.

Started with a trigger

Started by an automation trigger.


Sequence of questions sent in a specific order.


Single response


The following content types can be used in a Thread:

Text Questions: When you expect a free text response e.g. Name

Multiple Choice Questions: When you want to have pre-defined options users can choose from e.g. Do you like tea? 1. Yes 2. No. - Threads only accepted number replies from users for multiple choice questions.

Thread Messages: When you want to make a statement but don't expect a response. (e.g. Your registration is complete! )


The following content types can be used in Automation:


Opt in Question


Once a thread is started, the user has 5 minutes to reply to each question before the thread expires.

Not time-based

No expiry on automations.


Global automation triggers will not activate for a user while they are in a thread.

(e.g. Numbers used in a Main Menu can be re-used as answer options in a Thread questions)

If a user completes a thread or if the time since their last reply is > 5 minutes, the thread will end and global automations will become active again.


A automation trigger can only be used once.

Continue reading to learn how to create a thread, add skip logic or personalise your thread conversation.

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