7 Jun 2024: Manage custom fields via People Settings

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

The new People page will become a central piece of your chat service, allowing you to manage all your people info in one place.

With the new People page added to Turn we are simplifying where you manage contact details.

Contact details will be managed in the People settings

It is possible to directly navigate to Settings>People in the navigation bar. Or, from the People page you can click the People Settings button which will navigate you to Settings>People.

The People Settings section allows you to:

  • Set the privacy of each field.
  • Add or remove custom fields. The Turn Fields are a default set of fields that cannot be changed.

The impact of this change mean you will no longer be able to delete custom contact fields from the side profile panel on the Inbox view. This is to simplify contact management into one place and prevent operators from deleting contact fields without realising the impact of the action. You can still edit the values of custom fields in the Inbox conversation.

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