30 Jan 2024: Convert Threads to Journeys

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With just one click you can convert your Threads into Journeys — all at once or individually.

Journeys are the way forward. From June 30th, 2024 Threads and Automations will be discontinued. We strongly recommend that you convert your Threads and Automations to Journeys as soon as possible. And of course we are here to make the transition smooth.

Convert all your Threads to Journeys

Whenever you navigate to the Threads tab on the Journeys page, you will see a pop up reminding you of the deadline. Notice the "Convert all to Journeys" button, making it possible to switch to Journeys in one click. Your converted Threads will appear on the Journeys page. Magic!

Convert Threads one at a time

If you don't need all your Threads to power your chat service, you can select individual Threads and convert only them.

Navigate to the Threads tab, you will see a Convert to Journey button in the list view. Simply click that to transform the selected Thread to a Journey..

Find your converted Threads on the Journeys page

All converted Threads will show up on the Journeys page. The original Thread name is used with a "converted at" timestamp added to make identification easy.

Other changes

  • You can no longer publish Playbooks from Threads. However, simply convert your Thread to a Journey and publish the Journey. Easy-peasy!

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