27 Mar 2024: First-time visitors

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

We’ve made it much easier to trigger a journey for new users. A warm welcome goes a long way!

If someone has never ever used your chat service, you want to make their first experience as smooth as possible. Regardless of what they say you want to make them feel welcomed and help them know what is going on.

Use the new "On the first visit" trigger

To ensure a smooth first experience use the new "On the first visit" trigger. This trigger makes sure new visitors are welcomed regardless of the message they are sending in. You can add additional rules, but we recommend to keep it simple.

This trigger makes it simple to distinguish the chat journey between onboarding new users, e.g. collecting basic information, whilst returning users can go straight to the main menu.

💡TIP: The "On the first vist.." trigger works for the VERY first message from the user. If you want different definitions of NEW you can use advanced expressions based on the "First message received at" contact field in combination with date filter options.

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