29 Jan 2024: Warning emails when conversation credits are low

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Care begins with a conversation, making it crucial to have the ability to message users. Not being able to do so can be detrimental.

Meta bills organisations per conversation. Fortunately, everyone gets 1000 free conversations per month from Meta. Moreover, as a Turn.io customer, you may be eligible for an additional conversation waiver. This arrangement significantly reduces costs on your end.

However, once you exhaust your free (and waived) conversations, you will need to purchase conversation credits in advance, following a prepaid model.

When your conversation credit becomes low, it is essential to top up immediately

We show you a banner in the user interface when credits are low. Furthermore, we have extended this warning to include an email notification.

We will send an email to your billing contact if any of the following conditions apply for your organisation:

  • Your credit balance is negative.
  • You have utilised over 75% of your monthly non-paid conversation allowance, AND your credit balance is less than $50.

The email notification will be re-sent every two days until your account no longer meets the conditions.

How much is your non-paid conversation allowance?
Non-paid refers to the free AND waived conversation you get per month. Everyone gets 1000 free conversations from Meta. SOME users may receive an additional conversation allowance from Meta.

To ensure uninterrupted service, please ensure that you top up your conversation credit promptly. Without sufficient conversation credits, your service will be unable to send messages.

To update your billing contact email, navigate to Settings > Subscription and click on "Change contact" to edit the email address.

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