18 Oct 2023: More joy on the Canvas!

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

We've polished the Canvas to look and work much more smoothly.

Having the functionality to build chat journeys is great. Experiencing delight and smiling whilst you build is a lot more fun! We've polished the Canvas - not just to look prettier but to give you more flexibility and save you time.

Simpler to clone, simpler to add media, simpler to change between message types. Plus a whole lot more. Let's take a look.

A list of improvements to increase the joy of building chat journeys on the Turn canvas.

  • Polished the look and feel to spark more joy for your eyes. Simple names, snapping to the grit, a bit more colour, a lot more finesse.
  • A nifty content quality indicator. Keep it short on chat!
  • A simple way to switch between message types. Realise you want to use buttons? No problem!
  • Add media whenever you realise it will improve the user experience. No more deleting and re-adding of messages just because you want to add media. Just click and upload!
  • One click to clone a block. One click to delete. (This also means that the copying and pasting of actual message content now works properly.)
  • Using toggles in the Settings sidebar to add headers and/or footers where applicable.

We hope your delight-levels sky rocket! 🚀

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