9 Sept 2021: Data Export API

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

You can now use our new Data Export API to store your Turn data in a database other than BigQuery.

Turn is not designed for long term storage, and we therefore strongly recommend that you set up a connection to BigQuery from Turn to make sure you own all your own data. In specific scenarios where BigQuery cannot be used due to either legislation, policy, or existing contractual agreements between clients and cloud vendors we now offer a generic Data Export API.

The API will work for all data objects related to a message. It allows you to search for messages in a given range of dates in a two step approach:

  1. Create a cursor with the required parameters to start getting messages.
  2. Request data in a paginated fashion using the cursor.

Note: We recommend only organisations with engineering teams to use the API to set up long term storage. Small teams will benefit greatly from BigQuery's managed offering.

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