11 Jan 2023: Export specific responses from Stacks

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

You want to make sense and learn from user responses. You can now easily export specific stack interactions to CSV files.

Stacks are non-linear, allowing you to build complex chat journeys with your users.  Some chat interactions and responses will be more important than others. With the write_result() function you can capture specific responses while users interact with stacks and store them for analysis. You can easily get these important interactions as CSV files using the new Export Data button in a stack.

Let's make it practical

We added multiple write_result() functions to our 10 Question Survey Playbook so that it is easy for you to export the answers to your questions. Once you have downloaded and activated the Playbook, will have the stack in your Turn account. Note the new "Export Data" button. Once users start interacting with the stack their responses will be saved and you can easily get it by exporting the data.

A few important things

  • Only explicitly defined data is stored. If you are used to Thread Data Exports, it is important to remember that ONLY the stack interactions that are explicitly stored with the write_result() function is downloadable.
  • Data is emailed to you. Once your data is ready you will receive an email with the CSV files. It will be send to the email address you are logged in with on Turn at the moment of export.

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