Great ways of marketing your chat service

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We recommend using a combination of the following:

A ‘share’ menu item

Word of mouth remains one of the strongest tools in your marketing mix. Once users start seeing the value of your chat service, they’ll likely start sharing it with others. Your job is to make this process as easy as possible.

Therefore, the first step in your marketing process should be to add a “share” menu item on your chat service’s main menu in WhatsApp. This should be coupled with a preloaded message in that reads something like this:

Hi there! I’ve found this chat service and thought you’d find it useful, too. Click on this link to connect: <insert your link>. Just hit “enter” and send the word “hello” to get going.

Social media

Social media provides another very powerful platform to get your message out.

Apart from sharing and boosting posts with your number and/or QR code on your social media accounts, you can also link your new WhatsApp number to your Facebook page and use it in your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

If you get stuck with connecting your WhatsApp number to your Facebook page, send an email to and we’ll assist. Note, however, that this process can take a couple of days.

Facebook has also made it possible to add a “Send Message” button to Facebook and Instagram ads. If you use your link, users who click the button will be directed straight to your WhatsApp chat service, opening up a conversation thread. It’s a quick, effective way to build your community as there are few “barriers to entry”. Just make sure your target audience corresponds with the people you think would find your service useful.

A few more tips:

  • Market your chat service regularly via the social media channels that correspond with your target audience and/or where you already have a community. Don’t forget Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and any other platforms you’re currently using.
  • Don’t let your chat-related posts become stale. Change the text and images often to draw in new users. Give them an idea of the kind of content and assistance they can expect.
  • Remind users of the chat service when you correspond with them in direct messages or post threads.
  • Where possible, share both your QR code and link, as some people won’t have a QR code reader installed on their phones.


Google is one of your strongest allies in marketing your chat service. Whether you do your Google ads in-house or with the help of a service provider, we advise you to add a “Click to WhatsApp” link in all your ads.

To link your WhatsApp number to a Google ad, you’ll need to add it to your website as your contact number. Visit Google Ads Help for more information.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS makes it easy to reach out to your existing database and invite your community to interact with your new chat service.

Here’s a sample SMS to give you an idea of what you can create for your service:

“Hi there! HealthyMom has just launched an interactive WhatsApp service that you can use for all your pregnancy-related questions. Click on this link to start the conversation:”


If you send out electronic newsletters, don’t forget that this medium is ideal for marketing your chat service. Include both your QR code and link, along with text to tell your database what your service is about.

Posters and leaflets

Printed posters and leaflets are a handy way to market your services. If you place posters or leaflets where your target audience is likely to see it, you should see your chat service growing quickly.

Television and radio

A solid omni-channel marketing strategy should, of course, also include radio and television. Both can be very effective in getting word out about your service.

Consider creating a press release and/or enlisting the help of a PR agency to get in touch with potential media partners that share a target audience with you. Interviews about the incredible work your organisation is doing could be combined with a simple message to connect the station or channel’s audience to your chat service.

Good luck with your marketing endeavours! Please give us a shout if we can assist in any way. We’d love to see your service reach as many users as it possibly could.

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Use a ‘’ link and QR code to market your service