Help! What happens if we're not verified within 30 days?

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You have 30 days to sort out your Business Verification. If the window expires your trial ends.

WhatsApp introduced an 'unverified trial experience' to allow businesses to start messaging before they have completed Business Verification.

Previously, businesses couldn’t send any messages before getting verified. This meant that if verification took a few weeks, they would have to wait that long to get started using the API.

At Turn we always had a sandbox experience for exactly this reason - to give you a taste of what it will be like to set up a WhatsApp service while you do the business admin. Regardless of the trial experience on your live line, your sandbox number can always be used to send test messages.

The unverified trial experience lasts for 30 days. If after 30 days the Business Verification or WhatsApp checks are not completed, the business will no longer be able to send messages until they complete verification, pass all checks, and have their display name approved.

The phone number will need to be re-registered and brought back online to start messaging.

Learn more about the test messages during a trial experience.

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