How to change our chat service display name?

Manish Manohar Updated by Manish Manohar

At times you may need to change the name of your chat service on WhatsApp.

Your WhatsApp Business display name is how your business name will appear when you send a message to your customers.  After your display name is approved, you can change it. There are three steps to do this.

1. Submit a request for changing the display name to Turn

We need the following information to process your request:

  • Phone number of the chat service
  • New display name
  • A URL that will establish the relation with your business. Your display name should have a clear link to your organisation and should be in line with WhatsApp’s Commerce and Business policies. It should also be consistent with the branding you use on other external sources such as your website. 

2. We will submit the request to Meta on your behalf

It is up to Meta to either approve or reject the display name.

3. Once approved, we will update the display name

Once the display name is approved Turn will update the name in the backend and our team member will let you know that it has been confirm.

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