20 Feb 2024: Mentions

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Operators can now directly mention teammates, making it smooth to collaborate on chats and easy to escalate as needed.

As a team you should make use of internal notes to communicate within your helpdesk. For example you can leave a note on a chat with additional context you have gathered elsewhere. With mentions you can now directly tag someone that is better placed than you to answer, making escalation and collaboration smooth.

Using the "@" symbol; like you would in tools like Google Docs or Slack, you can mention one or more teammates. Let's have a look.

Mention a teammate

In the reply box select the Internal Notes option. When you type @, a list of team members will appear, select whoever should be tagged.

Find notes that mention you

Below "Your Inbox" there is a new Mentions section. If you click on it you will find all the notes mentioning you. You can scroll through the conversation and reply; making it easy to help people. When you are done helping, you can tick the mention as done and it will be removed from your Mentions list.

Better ways to help people and have impact!

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