8 June 2021: Community Playbooks

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Community Playbooks

We've launched Community Playbooks. Here's what it is all about...

What is a Playbook?

A Playbook is a reusable component of a chat service that can be shared with and remixed by other teams in the chat-for-impact community. e.g. A high-performing onboarding thread.

Where do I find Playbooks?

You'll find Playbooks shared by the community on the Community tab in the main menu in your Turn account. While we’re in Alpha the Community page is only accessible to Turn account holders who have been given Alpha access. This is so Alpha testers can play around with this new functionality in a closed environment.

However, once we launch into Beta, the Community page will be accessible on the web so anyone can view and learn from our Chat for Impact community. This is how we share best practice so we can accelerate our collective impact!

Click on a Playbook to view it in detail. On the Playbook detail page you'll find a preview of the Thread so you can explore to see how it works, as well as details about the Playbook, who published it and how it is licensed.

How do I download and use a Playbook?

Find a Playbook you want to try. Click on it to view the Playbook detail page then click the Download button at the top of the page.

The Playbook will be downloaded into your organisation in Turn, and accessible on the Playbooks page to any member of your organisation.

Click on the Playbook and you'll find the Playbook details page again, but there will be an Activate button at the bottom of the page. If you're wanting to use the Thread from the Playbook, click the activate button - this will create that exact Thread in your turn account and open the Thread edit view.

Now you can edit the Thread to make it work for your service. You might want to change the trigger keyword, or edit some details. Go ahead - the thread is now yours to remix.

If the Playbook Thread uses custom profile fields in a trigger or to save Thread data to, you'll see red warning icons which will tell you that you'll need to create these Custom Profile fields or select different fields for your thread to work.

Save your changes and click Activate and your new thread will be active on your WhatsApp service.

How do I create a Playbook?

We're so glad you asked. Sharing is caring - we can all have more impact if we share what works!

Currently, you can turn any single Thread into a Playbook and share it with the community.

You do this by clicking on the Create Playbook button on the Thread you want to share.

Next you complete a couple of details about your Playbook so the community knows what to use it for:

  • Name: Give your Playbook a short, descriptive name
  • Category: Select a category of Playbook types
  • About: Write about the problem you are solving and how you solved it
  • Evidence: Let the community know if this Playbook was inspired by existing research or if you have results of how it has worked for your organisation.
  • License: Choose a license so that others know what they can and can’t do with your Playbook.
  • Version: Give your Playbook a version number so you can publish new updates later.
  • Version Notes: Add any notes you want to share about this version of your Playbook.

Once you've completed these details, click the publish button. You'll see a pop-up that asks if you're sure that you're happy to publish this to the web.

Yay! Your Playbook is now published on the Community page and you can view it.

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