20 Mar 2023: Act on the user's last interaction

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You want to re-engage people that haven't interacted with your service in a while. You can now see users' last interaction times.

We all like prompt responses and answers. We also love conversations where both parties are engaged. Knowing the last time that someone was active on your service is helpful, especially when you can use that information to make the next interaction more timely.

We added 3 interaction fields to the contact profile

When you click on a user profile you will note that the default Turn Profile fields have 3 new fields.

Let's look at what each of the new fields mean

Last Seen At
This timestamp indicates the last time your service was aware of the user on WhatsApp. That could be the last time the user sent OR received a message OR the last time a message status (SENT, DELIVERED, READ) was received from the user.

Note: WhatsApp does not share the user's "last seen on WhatsApp" timestamp with businesses. This "last seen at" field is derived from the message interaction between your service and the user, not from the last time they've been on WhatsApp.
Last Message Received At
This is the timestamp of the last message that the user sent to your service.
Last Message Sent At
This is the timestamp of the last message that your service has sent to the user.

Important to know

  1. These are new fields — they’re going to be populated as users interact with your service from the time of release going forward.
  2. You can use these fields in Reminders or Stacks. E.g. In Reminders you can search for all contacts that sent you a message between 22 March and today using @contact.last_message_received_at:[2023-03-22 TO *]. For more search query ideas read the Contact Search examples article.

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