26 Jan 2022: Try out emojis in buttons, but no more 'templates' in sandboxes

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

We have two product updates for you.

Add some expression to your buttons!

You can now use emojis in buttons. Use it wisely to improve your user experience. Please note that markdown (like bold and italics) are not allowed in buttons.

We deprecated 'templates' from sandboxes

When message templates were initially launched by WhatsApp, only text was allowed. That allowed us the opportunity to mock up template creation in a Turn sandbox. The sandbox templates were never submitted to WhatsApp, but provided a way for prototyping users to see what template creation required.

However, over the last few months templates have change a lot. You can now add media, use buttons, have footers, etc. We can no longer offer a sandboxed template experience, so to reduce confusion we removed it from sandbox accounts completely. This should not have an impact on you, but we thought it best to inform you of the change nevertheless.

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