Can I attach more than one image, audio clip, video or document to a message?

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Yes! But only if you set up an automation.

The WhatsApp Business API only allows you to send one attachment 📎  per message (e.g. one audio clip, video clip, image or document). However, you can set up an automation in to reply with two or more messages if you'd like to send multiple messages at once.

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to "Automation".
  2. Click "Add Automation".
  3. Select your trigger.
  4. Add your first action > "Reply with message".
  5. Add another action > "Reply with message".
  6. Give your automation a title and activate it.

When a user now sends a message that matches the trigger, will reply with the two messages you've added as your actions. You can add as many actions as you'd like.

Note that your messages are not guaranteed to be delivered in the order you've added them as actions. Image, video, audio and document attachments take longer for WhatsApp to process, with big files taking longer than smaller files. Your smallest messages are likely to be delivered first.

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