22 Nov 2023: The new Inbox

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Get ready for the new Turn inbox!

One of the biggest and most exciting changes to Turn is coming your way. The new inbox will launch in the last week of November 2023. You are going to love it. Let's show you what to expect!

The new inbox also becomes the foundation for a bunch of exciting features that will follow: Making it possible to add internal notes, tagging and mentioning team mates, and a routing engine that distributes chats between available operators. 

The first version of the new Inbox is designed to

  • Make it clear to Operators what's been assigned to them, with a new “Your inbox” tab.
  • Make Operators more productive by reducing the amount of back and forth to navigate around collections.
  • Give everyone, especially managers, a birds-eye view of everything that’s happening, ensuring no one falls through the cracks.
  • Make it easy to stay focused on conversations by collapsing side bars and navigation.
  • Make it faster to act by using bulk actions.

This is just the start. Soon your team will also be able to:

  • Set themselves as Available or Away.
  • Experience the power of the routing engine that automatically and randomly distributes chats to all available operators, powering the “Your Inbox” section for everyone.
  • Add comments and notes to each other, to share context and help solve issues more holistically for people. 

Enjoy the improved chat experience!

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