Triggers explained: Message received does NOT exactly match...

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We explain how it will work when you set up an automation to trigger when a message received DOES NOT match an exact letter, number, emoji or phrase

In principle the NOT exact trigger is the opposite of the EXACT match trigger, but in practise you will very seldomly use this tigger. Any message that isn't exactly the text/emoji/number that you specify will result in the action you specify.

We advise you to:

  • Use this trigger for actions that does not require a reply, e.g. to trigger a webhook.
  • Use this trigger in combination with a profile field trigger.

For example, if you have a multilingual service but the user's language is not set and they are trying to interact with you service you can prompt them to first select their preferred language.

The trigger will be a combination: If the user's language profile field does not have a value and the user is not messaging one of the language options you provided ("Arabic", "Hindi", "English") then send them a message asking them to first set their language preference.

IMPORTANT: Remember the user will get the "choose your preferred language" message every time until they select their preferred language so make sure this is the user experience you want.

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