Why can't I see chats that I've sent messages to?

Nathan Begbie Updated by Nathan Begbie

In Turn, we have the concept of an open and closed Chat. If you send out a large number of messages, you may wonder why they're not immediately visible in the Dashboard. This is because we only display open chats, which are set to open when a user first sends in a message, or they send in another message, after the chat is marked as closed. Should you wish to see the outgoing chats, where no-one has replied to the messages, you can view the closed chats within the UI, by doing one of the following:

1. Viewing the chats that have been marked as closed, by selecting "Closed" from the drop-down.

2. Searching for a specific chat, by using the contact search

Note that should you wish to reach out to those who have not yet replied to your outbound messages, will need to receive another templated message.

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