Help! We are a government entity, how do we do Facebook business verification?

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In order to get a Government entity verified with Facebook, the following steps need to be completed.

  1. Complete the Facebook Business Verification requirement: Have the government entity go to their Facebook Business Manager account > Business Settings > Security Center > “Business Verification” click on ‘Start Verification’.
  2. As part of this process, the government entity will be asked to verify by phone or email. If verifying by email, ensure that you’re using a government domain website (example: .gov or .go) and an email address by the same government website domain.
  3. When prompted to submit a business document, then please submit an authentication letter that includes:
    1. a government letterhead
    2. signature from a top government official (i.e. Prime minister or head of the ministry)
    3. government entity details: legal name, legal address, phone number (if applicable, also include email and website).
  4. Review the documents uploaded to see if it matches the requirements (i.e Name and address matching exactly)
  5. As part of the WhatsApp Business Account application, a Government Access Request Form will need to be completed, this will be shared by your partner manager as part of the WABA application.

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