7 May 2024: Get journey specific Sentry errors

Nathan Begbie Updated by Nathan Begbie

This is an Enterprise-only feature.

For Enterprise customers wrestling with the challenge of what sort of errors might be thrown in their Journeys, we now tag Sentry errors with the journey UUID where it occurred and have added a button within your Journeys that can take you straight to the relevant view in Sentry.

Tags in Sentry

Tags are a way of passing meta information to Sentry, and these events are then made searchable and indexable by Sentry. This means that you can start to slice up your error data in a way that makes sense to you. By passing a specific Journey UUID you can view all of the errors specific to that Journey.

What do you need to do in order to set this up?

We're currently working on the UI to update these values yourself, but you can contact our support team in the mean time and supply us with a Sentry DSN and optionally your Sentry URL (i.e. the domain where you actually view these errors) in order to link directly through to a specific Journey's errors.

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