Triggers explained: Message received is AUTOMATICALLY labelled...

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We explain how it will work when you set up an automation to trigger when a message received is AUTOMATICALLY labelled.

Once you've selected the "Message Received" trigger, you'll be prompted to specify the criteria that your trigger will respond to. The label trigger only works when messages are automatically labelled.

Simply put, you'll need to have a machine-learning model or some system that automatically add labels to incoming messages for the trigger to result in an action.

One way to achieve this is to switch on the NLU integration under "Settings", and to select which of the default labels you want to automatically respond to. A nice trick to know is that the NLU integration adds a Media label to image, video and document messages and a Location label to location pins. You can use this feature to send automated responses based on these message types.

If you do use the NLU integration or have a custom machine-learning model, you'll be prompted to select which of those labels you want to automate on.

You can learn more about how to use labels or if you are interested to understand the other trigger types:

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