Help! I'm struggling to get my business verified?

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Here is a list with common reasons for business verification issues. Let's troubleshoot!

Official troubleshooting article from Facebook. And the official list of acceptable documentation.



Suggest phone confirmation instead of email

Facebook can’t confirm that the business owns the email domain and that the requester works for the business. But Facebook can confirm that the business owns the phone number. Verify by receiving a code on your phone number. 

Website content and business don’t match

Facebook can’t confirm that the business owns the website (used for email verification) because the website doesn't contain the legal business name.  

Business and email domain don’t match

Facebook can’t confirm that the business owns the email domain. 

Legal name and address: documents are unacceptable or don't match

A document submitted for the address verification is insufficient because it doesn't contain the legal name, the address provided in Business Manager doesn't match the address in the doc, etc.

Business and confirmed phone don't match

The phone number used for verification doesn't match the business phone number provided in business details/documents. 

**In some instances, businesses provide phone numbers they want to use on WhatsApp. 

More reasons for business verification issues: 
  • A submitted document isn’t an accepted type. For example, business bank account statements are accepted but invoices not.
  • Your submission is incomplete
  • The language used in your document(s) is unsupported.
  • A document isn't viewable (e.g. the text is too small or blurry) or has expired
  • Your documentation doesn't contain a legal business name. 
  • The name on your document(s) doesn't match your business name.
  • Your documentation doesn't contain a business address or it contains only a partial address or an address that doesn't match your business address. 
  • Your documentation doesn't contain a business phone number or the number that you supplied doesn't match your business phone number. 
  • You own your website domain but it doesn’t make it through verification. Make sure that your website is viewable and belongs to your business.
  • Additional documents are required. 

If your issue is that the Start Verification button is greyed-out please read here.

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