5 Feb 2021: Snappier and easier-to-use modals

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

We updated the content and template modals so you can continue to see your current conversation when sending quick replies.

In December we enhanced the design of the reply box to make it faster and simpler to use - we made one more update this week.

If you click the lighting⚡️ or timer⏱ icons you will now get a smaller pop-up modal to select your content or template from. This allows you to continue seeing your current conversation to ensure you select and send the intended message.

Search and filter continue to work as usual.

The new, smaller modal allows you to keep seeing your conversation

The old modal popped-up over the whole conversation making it difficult to keep context

It's the details that count! We hope you enjoy the new experience.

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