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We explain how it will work when you set up an automation to trigger when a message is received from a contact with a specific profile.

Once you've selected the "Message Received" trigger, you'll be prompted to specify the criteria that your trigger will respond to. The CONTACT PROFILE trigger allows you to set up automations for specific contact fields (e.g. language) in a user profile.

Take a look at this example:

  • When you have a user's language saved as "Afrikaans" in their profile, you can ensure that they receive content in Afrikaans. If they are Arabic-speaking, and you have their language saved as "Arabic", they can get the same information but in Arabic. It's a great way to deliver personalised content in the user's language of choice. makes it possible to add multiple triggers and actions to chat-service messages to deliver highly personalised conversations. Learn how to do this, step-by-step, in our advanced automation guide.

Once you have selected a trigger, you'll be prompted to select a subsequent action. Read more about the different types of actions available.

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