Example of user-initiated vs business-initiated conversations

WhatsApp Business API conversations fall into two categories that will be priced differently.

Find great explanatory examples from WhatsApp on different conversational scenarios and the costs incurred for each example.
USER-INITIATED: The user made contact and you respond within 24 hours

A parent who needs more information about the admission process for schools reaches out to an organisation.

The organisations responds back with the available information which initiates a user-initiated conversationThere is no charge for individual messages within a 24-hour conversation, and no limit on the number of messages that can be exchanged in a single conversation.

No opt-in is required, and you can respond with free-form messages.

BUSINESS-INITIATED: You made contact or responded after 24 hours

When an important reminder for health check-up has to be sent, organisation alerts users who have opted in to receive notifications using a message template. 

This starts a business-initiated conversation. Organisation can send as many messages as needed during this single 24-hour conversation session and it will result in only one business-initiated conversation charge. 

Opt in from the user needs to be obtained upfront and you need an approved template to open the conversation.

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