Get user consent in a WhatsApp conversation

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You should always think about the user experience. If you provide a good customer experience during the opt-in process, your opt-in rate is likely to be high and your block rate low.

A few tips for creating a quality customer experience

  • Clearly communicate the value of receiving important updates from your organisation via WhatsApp.
  • Be very clear about the types of messages the user is opting-in to.
  • Avoid messaging your users too frequently as they might start to view your service as spam.
  • Provide clear instructions for opting-out of your service. 
  • Honor your users’ requests to opt-out, or else they might block your messages or report your organisation.  

Get user opt-in using

There are different ways to obtain opt-in in conversation using It is up to you to decide which option makes the most sense for the user experience.

We show you three ways to record user consent using

  1. Use automation to collect opt-in and save the consent against the user profile.
  2. Use the opt-in webform to collect opt-in and save the consent against the user profile.
  3. Use threads to collect opt-in as part of a data collection flow, e.g. a registration or welcome flow.

If you need to familiarise yourself with WhatsApp's policy on user consent, read our explanation of the latest, simplified opt-in policy.

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