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Business verification on Facebook can sometimes pose challenges, but there are key considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Precision in Details: A crucial aspect of business verification lies in ensuring that the information provided on Facebook Business Manager (FBM) precisely matches the details on your legal documents. This includes the exact correspondence of the legal name, address, phone number, and other pertinent details. Even minor discrepancies can lead to rejection during verification.
  2. Verification Methods: Verification can be completed either through the receipt of a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to the phone number listed in your legal documents or via the email associated with your website domain.
  3. Make sure the organisation website that is mentioned in the Facebook business page is up and running.

By meticulously adhering to these three steps during the submission process, the likelihood of approval for FBM increases. In the event of a rejection despite compliance with these guidelines, we can offer assistance in escalating the matter. However, it's important to acknowledge that the approval or rejection of FBM remains within the discretion of Meta.

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