19 Aug 2022: Better human support with Message Collections

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We are adding a new Collection type so you can find and answer messages faster.

At Turn our vision is to make effective human support accessible to vulnerable people everywhere. We are improving the helpdesk experience to make this a reality. With the new Message Collections it is easier to provide support on complex issues.

What is new? Let's have a look.

1. There are now two types of Collections: USER or MESSAGE Collections.

User Collections are collection as you've know it to date. Message Collections is a new type we are adding so you can find and answer questions faster.

The table explains the differences:




This is Collections as you've known them to date.

The focus is on the complete chat with a person over time.

The is the new type of Collection.

It focus is on messages that match the specific criteria.

What's in the list on the left?

You will see one chat per person in the left chat list.

You will see all messages matching the collection criteria in the left message list. This means if multiple messages from the same person match the collection criteria, the user will appear in the list multiple times.

What can you action?

You can mark a chat as open or closed.

By default the collection shows you open chats, but you can filter the list by open or closed.

You can mark a message as done or to do.

By default the collection shows you to do messages, but you can filter the list by done or to do.

How do you create this type of collection?

The default 'All Conversations' collection is a user collection.

Any collection you create based on only 'assigned to' criteria is a user collection.

Any collection you create based on a label or search term is a message collection.

Note: When you combine a label or search term with 'assigned to' criteria, it will be a message collection.

2. You can jump directly to a relevant message.

Answering and helping people is now much easier.

If you navigate to a specific chat in the chat list, it takes you to the last message in that conversation. However, if you navigate to a specific message in the message list it takes you directly to the applicable message! This makes it MUCH easier to answer people and it makes it much easier to skip between messages matching the same criteria.

3. You can tick a message as 'done' or 'to do'.

Once you've answered and helped a person you can now tick the message as done. That will remove the message from the message list, helping you progress through your to do list of things.

We will share more details and demos at our upcoming Town Hall event.

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