22 Mar 2024: Basic operator insights

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Helping people in a timely manner is the aim!

Admins now can track their team's performance. On the Insights page we record who takes over a conversation from the bot, and how longs it takes them to close that conversation. Helping people is the aim!

Only Admins will see these metrics.

Insights calculated for the team as a whole

Avg. chats per day
The number of all chats (open and closed) on your service within the selected time period, divided by the number of days in the time period.
Avg. close time
Similar to how it's calculated for an individual, but averaged for all closed chats in the selected time period.

Insights calculated per individual

Avg. chats per day
The average number of chats per day (for the selected time period) that was touched by the individual, i.e. assigned to them or closed by them.

Note: Every chat is only counted once. For example, let's say a chat gets assigned to an operator, closed, unassigned, re-assigned to that same operator again and closed. Four events for that chat have been recorded, but we will only count one chat. However if the same chat is assigned to someone else, the chat will count for them too.
% closed
The percentage of the average chats per day that were closed by the individual (for the selected time period).

Note: Each chat is only counted once, even if it was closed multiple times.
Avg. close time
This time is calculated based on the difference between when the chat is assigned to the individual and when the chat was by them closed.

Why do I see data for my team performance but not for individuals?

Although your team is receiving chats, these are typically not assigned to anyone. If a chat is not assigned we don't record when it is closed and therefore cannot calculate average closing time. It can also happen that you even if you are assigning chats the average for operators are too low (i.e. close to 0) and therefore shows up as "No data".

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