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Connect your account to third-party applications so they can share information with each other.

This is a powerful way to enhance functionality without duplicating effort.

Turn enables three types of integrations:


Context integrations allow you to surface data you have stored in an external system or database on a user's Profile in the Conversation View.

If you're using a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) or Electronic Medical Record System (RMRS) you can view your user data in real time without the data being stored in Turn. You can visualise your data in the profile panel as a list or a table.

e.g. Here is an example context integration showing information coming from an external system that logs Phone Call information.

Suggested reply

Suggested reply integrations allows you to suggest the most appropriate response to a Coach or Operator using our Best Reply functionality in the Conversation View.

If you have your own Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Model or are using an API that can give you the most suitable answer based on th§e last 10 messages from your user, this is integration for you. Customers are using this in high-risk health contexts, to increase the efficiency of human operators where fully automated chatbots are not advised.

e.g. Here is an example best reply suggestion from DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API integration.

Action integrations

Action integrations allow you to inform an external system that an action needs to be taken and gives you the ability to let your operator choose the desired action from a menu.

If you have an external system that needs to be informed that a user requires their messaging in another language or has requested to opt out, this integration is for you. But it's definitely not limited to these use cases.

e.g. Here is an example action integration that instructs an external system to Set up a call.

We have some standard integrations available in Turn today, and you can also build your own!

You can add the following integrations in the Settings section:

  1. RapidPro/Textit for complex conversation flows and contact details (Context and Action integration)
  2. Custom integrations for any custom need

Read out developer docs for more information or check out our Javascript library on Github to see examples of Turn integrations.

The sky is the limit! 🚀

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